What is Buy Photo Service

“Buy Photo For Me” is a b2b service we already provide for many years to Web Builders all over the world.

Tell us what photos you need for your clients and we will buy them for you. Save time and bandwidth.

The need for the service:

Websites Builders often need to purchase tens or hundreds of pictures from stock images websites.

But what to do if they do not find what they are looking for and the exact picture that fits the site is impossible to find ?

In this case, they will first have to seek the copyright holder of the image, and then buy out the rights to publish the photo on the website they are building for customers.
This is where we come in.

The Service

The Site Builder first finds the exact pictures fitting his Web pages and transfers them to us in order to locate the copyright holder.

Our specialty is to locate the Copyright holders, verify they are the rightful owners of the Copyrights, and acquire for you the right to display the image on the site under construction.

What happens if the Copyright owner can not be found or refuses to allow the use of his image?

In this case, the customer will have to give up the picture and look for another picture.
We don’t charge for those pictures.

How much do we charge?

For images not exceeding 100K (and appropriate for Web sites):
The charge is $ 2 for each image up to 100 images.
For 100 more pictures, we charge $ 1.5 per image.
For 200 to 1000 images, the charge is $ 1 per photo plus $ 100 for our service.
Over 1000 images and for images exceeding 100K, we suggest contacting us via email.

What happens if a picture copyright owner requires more than the amount you charge for it?

This is a risk we take.

In most cases, the picture owner charges less than what we get for the service.

Being very familiar and knowledgeable in this field, we know how to negotiate and get lower charges.

Do you have stock images like other sites? Where to look for pictures?

The answer is no we don’t have an image database to search through.

You need to find your image in websites around the world to find exactly the photo you need, to our understanding, you are the best judge for it, given a try and error opportunity.

The easiest way is to find appropriate images via Google Images.

Do I have to point out the place where I found the picture to help you locate the Copyright Owner?

No. When you transfer the pictures to us, we will know how to locate the copyright holder of the photo.

Will images be placed in the images folder on our client site?

No, the images will be placed in a special folder for you on buyphoto4.me website.

You must give names to pictures to make it easier to find them in your folder on buyphoto4.me.

This way your website will upload faster and you will save bandwidth.

On our end we will be able to monitor the approved pictures for you and expand our database.

How long does the service take?

Each image sent to me will be approved in less than a week.

Therefore you should send \ upload photos while working in order not to delay the publication of the website.

How will I know you bought the rights to publish the images?

At the end of the process, we issue an email confirmation with a list of all approved images and a receipt for the amounts paid for the acquisition of the rights to the images.